If you do it right the first time...

...then you don't piss off the neighbours and have the police (by-law) called and have to re-do it.

For the last 5 years or so, the manager of my complex has been getting away with dumping the snow from our parking lot over the fence onto city property. Well, this winter one of the neighbours across the green area decided they had had enough (I guess) and called by-law.

The fence is about 5 feet tall and the lot is about 500 feet long.... do you blame them? And these were taken after our big melt from last week.

By-law had to come twice...the first time the boss ignored my message from them, so the second time, I told them to go ahead and write out a fine as that would be the only way to get action on the problem. I was told that it wouldn't just be a fine, it would be mandatory court appearance and the city would remove the snow and then bill the apartment complex for the job...the court would then assign whatever fine they saw fit on top of that.

Friday afternoon...

Friday evening...

Saturday morning...

small pile

large pile

hopefully happy homeowners

I am glad the boss decided to act on the message I had left her.  Apparently though not without first walking around the neighbourhood and calling by-law officers about the homes and what she perceived as violations of the same by-law. Sigh!

By the same token...it is snow, it will melt!

Thanks for looking and letting me vent.