Photo Finish Friday: Tree is UP

and here it is:

exciting isn't it? For as much as I am home over the holidays though, it suits my needs. Easy as pie to put up and take down and stores in a 2" deep box.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Thanks for looking.

P.S. It is 06.15 and we are still here...so is the other side of the world, but, maybe the Mayans were referring to 20.00 hrs (or what ever time it is supposed to happen) in EST. :)



 This is Mom, barely an adult herself.
 Kitten #1 - spunky little guy
 Kitten #2 - shy little girl
 you can see the devil in his eyes...
and how delicate she is.

They were found a few weeks ago in the laundry room of my building. You cannot imagine how hard it was to give them to the humane society! Sadly, the lowest price I was quoted for getting mom fixed was $250.00 and then ranged up to $550.00. I don't have that kind of money - I don't even have the $130.00 to adopt mom from the humane society with her fixed, given shots and micro-chipped. The kittens are $180.00 with all that done. I have been keeping an eye on the humane society web page and the kittens were adopted within a few days of being on the website. Thankfully it is a no-kill shelter, otherwise we would have taken them elsewhere.

Mom was very matted and extremely thin, but at least whoever the owner was kept them until the kittens were somewhat independent and litter trained. As soon as they were given litter (a friend from the building who found them supplied that and the food and water) they used it and we didn't find any messes in the laundry room after we moved them to the storage room in the photos.  They ate and sucked down water as though they hadn't been fed in a few days. Some people need to be treated the way they treat their pets.

Thanks for looking (and reading my rant).


Bricks & Glass


I was in an area of down town Edmonton last week that I haven't been in before and the pattern of bricks on this building caught my eye. I also liked the remnants of the advertising on the side of the building.

Thanks for looking.



 Morning Glories

 More Morning Glories

Canary Bird Vine behind which you can see Night Scented Stalks (for the 3rd year in a row)

I am amazed that the stalks have re-seeded themselves for three years, but, I suspect next year they will be trying to grow in the lawn and won't be given a chance to grow. I will try to get some seeds and throw them further back in the bed and see what happens. I suspect human intervention will make sure they don't come back though.

Thanks for looking.



Wow! It has been awhile since I posted anything. It has also been awhile since I took these photos. They are much prettier than the solid, bleak, damp grey that we have over the city tonight. Autumn is making itself right at home.

Thanks for looking.



This was our sunset the other day. And I think I got a UFO in there too ;)

Thanks for looking.



I never realized my nose went crooked like this.

This is what happens when I get up early in the morning after only about 5 hours sleep! I had just finished my brekkie of cereal (and not crunchy granola either, just some softish stuff) and was running my tongue around my mouth when the filling came off.

Now, those of you that know me, realise that my dad was a dentist. Those that know me really well realise that I have had perfect teeth up until 28 or so when I got some pits in the enamel that dad decided should be covered so they wouldn't cause a problem - and they haven't.
The year dad passed away (Sep 1996), just before Christmas, I chipped this tooth. Of course, this event was rather traumatic as I had only ever had work done by my dad and had never had to pay for anything. The following year, I chipped the one beside it, then later in the year I lost the filling on this one. It is an awkard-ass place to put a filling. Gladly, it doesn't need freezing as no root is exposed.

I love living in Canada and am very grateful that we have medical coverage. Sadly we don't have dental coverage. I am however, on a plan (finally) that does provide me with limited dental and can get this fixed. I have an appointment in two weeks (haha, on dad's birthday), so, excuse me I have to go find an emery board to smooth the rough edges that I am already worrying with my tongue.

Then I think I will go back to bed and try starting today over again.


More from Elk Island

 A few geese, they were on both sides of the road and had about 6 vehicles stopped to look at them. The babies are so cute!

 A shower head to get the sand & lake off.

 Canoe - in case you couldn't tell ;)

Just another shot while we were stopped.

Thanks for looking.


Elk Island Day trip

 Well, more of an afternoon trip.

We saw Alberta Roses in bloom,

 and pretty white flowers.

Pretty butterflies!

2 of the only 4 Bison we saw.

and now a spot on my lens.

I'll be back with more in a few days.

Thanks for looking.


Flowers & Thumper

I decided that a fuchsia would look nice in my hanging basket this year. It was as I was planting it that I noticed it was called "Upright" something. Go me!

Some lobelia will trail over the sides though :)

This white begonia came with this pink attached - bonus!

 I think this is the flax I planted last year (seeds) - supposed to be an annual and I think I weeded it out last year. (shakes head)

 Another one I weeded out last year - columbine - another annual!

And finally Thumper, hiding under my lily after I watered him behind the flax and bleeding heart. I was sure he wouldn't be back after I sprayed him with the jet setting on my watering nozzle a couple of days ago.

Thanks for looking.


Rainy Sunrise

Sunrise this morning, while it is still raining out there.  I realized I have not posted here for about a year and as I am shutting down the other blog, I guess I had better remedy that. I will be posting photos taken over the last year or so that I just haven't processed for one reason or another.

Thanks for looking.

P.S. I was able to capture a sunrise in June due to insomnia.