This is Mom, barely an adult herself.
 Kitten #1 - spunky little guy
 Kitten #2 - shy little girl
 you can see the devil in his eyes...
and how delicate she is.

They were found a few weeks ago in the laundry room of my building. You cannot imagine how hard it was to give them to the humane society! Sadly, the lowest price I was quoted for getting mom fixed was $250.00 and then ranged up to $550.00. I don't have that kind of money - I don't even have the $130.00 to adopt mom from the humane society with her fixed, given shots and micro-chipped. The kittens are $180.00 with all that done. I have been keeping an eye on the humane society web page and the kittens were adopted within a few days of being on the website. Thankfully it is a no-kill shelter, otherwise we would have taken them elsewhere.

Mom was very matted and extremely thin, but at least whoever the owner was kept them until the kittens were somewhat independent and litter trained. As soon as they were given litter (a friend from the building who found them supplied that and the food and water) they used it and we didn't find any messes in the laundry room after we moved them to the storage room in the photos.  They ate and sucked down water as though they hadn't been fed in a few days. Some people need to be treated the way they treat their pets.

Thanks for looking (and reading my rant).