Rock Soapwort

The last couple of Campenulas (not what I was aiming for)

(what I was aiming for) sucks not to be able to crouch and look through the viewfinder ;)

Not sure if this Begonia will bloom

This one is pretty though.

Still trying to catch a lilly at its best time, with all the rain - no luck so far, but I have plenty of buds yet.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Reb, I like the look of the second calendula and the red and white contrast of the begonias.
    The bottom photo has an appealing seashell quality.
    Very flowerful.

  2. Damn, I was going to double check the name of the purple one....it's correct now.

    Leah, sorry that's campenula. I was surprised at the red on that last Begonia.

  3. Very pretty, sis! Rock soapwort is one of my favourites - ah, hell, I love most flowers! (Even marigolds are pretty if you're far enough away that you can't smell them....)
    I didn't plant begonias this year, and am envious of yours.

  4. Thanks Sis, I am surprised how well they are doing.

  5. Anonymous22/7/10 14:19

    I esp. like the last shot. Your cousin summed it up nicely: "The bottom photo has an appealing seashell quality."

  6. Karen, thanks. i am quite pleased with that one.