Winter Trees & Shadows

Jan 9th, 2010 Above zero and a beautiful day!




  1. These are great, sis! I especially like the last one!
    (Above zero? Lucky! We only got to a high of about -6C, which was a lot nicer than it has been!)

  2. Agree with Bag Lady. I love the way the light catches the branches. Very nice pic.
    The textures in the middle pic are lovely.

  3. Sis, it felt above zero...maybe only .5, we did better today :) Thanks, I like that one best I think.

    Leah, thanks. I had to play with the middle one before I was happy with it.

  4. I esp. like the first one and the last one -- the first because it made me want to go play in that snow (and considering we had a high of 18F here today, that is saying something!) and the last one because the lighting made the tree look multicolored. :)

  5. Thanks Karen, I like to play in snow when it's warm. The shadows and the shape of the second tree fascinate me all the time.

  6. I'm always a sucker for light and texture.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky