This was our sunset the other day. And I think I got a UFO in there too ;)

Thanks for looking.



I never realized my nose went crooked like this.

This is what happens when I get up early in the morning after only about 5 hours sleep! I had just finished my brekkie of cereal (and not crunchy granola either, just some softish stuff) and was running my tongue around my mouth when the filling came off.

Now, those of you that know me, realise that my dad was a dentist. Those that know me really well realise that I have had perfect teeth up until 28 or so when I got some pits in the enamel that dad decided should be covered so they wouldn't cause a problem - and they haven't.
The year dad passed away (Sep 1996), just before Christmas, I chipped this tooth. Of course, this event was rather traumatic as I had only ever had work done by my dad and had never had to pay for anything. The following year, I chipped the one beside it, then later in the year I lost the filling on this one. It is an awkard-ass place to put a filling. Gladly, it doesn't need freezing as no root is exposed.

I love living in Canada and am very grateful that we have medical coverage. Sadly we don't have dental coverage. I am however, on a plan (finally) that does provide me with limited dental and can get this fixed. I have an appointment in two weeks (haha, on dad's birthday), so, excuse me I have to go find an emery board to smooth the rough edges that I am already worrying with my tongue.

Then I think I will go back to bed and try starting today over again.