Flowers & Thumper

I decided that a fuchsia would look nice in my hanging basket this year. It was as I was planting it that I noticed it was called "Upright" something. Go me!

Some lobelia will trail over the sides though :)

This white begonia came with this pink attached - bonus!

 I think this is the flax I planted last year (seeds) - supposed to be an annual and I think I weeded it out last year. (shakes head)

 Another one I weeded out last year - columbine - another annual!

And finally Thumper, hiding under my lily after I watered him behind the flax and bleeding heart. I was sure he wouldn't be back after I sprayed him with the jet setting on my watering nozzle a couple of days ago.

Thanks for looking.


Rainy Sunrise

Sunrise this morning, while it is still raining out there.  I realized I have not posted here for about a year and as I am shutting down the other blog, I guess I had better remedy that. I will be posting photos taken over the last year or so that I just haven't processed for one reason or another.

Thanks for looking.

P.S. I was able to capture a sunrise in June due to insomnia.